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Hand-lettering, calligraphy, pottery, artwork, confectionary and everything from the fine-arts to everyday ornaments

[tools] Chalk, Clay, Ink, Wood, Sugar

[medium] Chalk Boards, Walls, Canvas, Bottles, Cake, Glass, Textiles

[technique] Paint, Etch, Draw, Form, Color, Adorn, Ornament, Gild

Sparrow & Grain is an artistry devoted to the complex joy of a handmade artifact. Everything I create has a story – and developing that into something tangible for every client is the greatest responsibility I have as an artist. Whether it’s a personally commissioned work of art, hand-letting for your special occasion, or a piece to elevate your business, I am honored to bring that vision to life in artistic form. I thank you for joining me here and for considering my vision for creating your unique piece of art.

With Sincere Gratitude,

Founder & Artist
Sparrow & Grain


From the style of font used, the size and composition, what I write or paint on – and what I write or paint with – it’s all consciously envisaged and developed into every detail. Simplicity and beauty collide within my imagination, flowing onto every piece in a way that fills me with joy. It’s the greatest honor to have my passion be my profession, and I thank you for allowing me this space to create for you.

My style is unfussy but developed at the highest level using my breadth of experience and fervent attention to detail. I love nature and have an insatiable passion to create things that feel refined yet organic. As an artist, it’s in this balance where the fundamentals of design: form and function, meet with an intangible creative intuition to bring forth something truly beautiful. In my own process, no detail is overlooked. 


I work with practically any medium, using any tool, and employing any technique since a piece of art knows no boundaries to reach the desired result. But some of My most recognized pieces include paintings, hand-lettering and calligraphy, chalk displays and large-scale murals. Today, My most commonly commissioned works of art end up on everything from canvas to cake, and even champagne bottles. 

[tools] Edible Paint
[medium] Cake
[technique] hand-painting



[tools] Paint
[medium] Glass
[technique] hand-painting


[tools] Paint
[medium] plywood
[technique] hand-painting


[tools] Charcoal
[medium] Canvas
[technique] hand-Drawing

Sparrow & Grain has been featured in publications such Brides, Martha Stewart Weddings, Architectural Digest, Palm Beach Illustrated, The Knot, Green Wedding Shoes, Veranda, and in countless digital publications. Nicole has collaborated with some of the world’s best photographers, event planners and fellow artisans to bring custom works of art to life in Florida, New York, Los Angeles.




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